Germany Unskilled Jobs Opportunities for Foreigners 2023

Germany Unskilled visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners


Unskilled Germany Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 are great opportunity for unskilled foreigners  interested in working in Germany.   Germany is offering Unskilled Jobs for Foreigners for 2023.

Germany Unskilled Jobs for Foreigners 2023 Details

Here we cover details about German Unskilled Jobs for Foreigners, Salary, requirement, Top unskilled jobs and different ways for finding unskilled jobs in Germany.

Basic Requirements for Working in Germany

  1. A valid visa through the German embassy
  2. Proficiency in the German language.
  3. Health insurance

Top Unskilled Jobs in Germany for Foreigners 2023

   1.    Gardeners

Average Salary package range is €9 – €14 per hour.

  1. Cleaners Jobs

Foreign workers can work as cleaners in hotels, schools, businesses and recreational places in Germany.  Average salary package is between €8 – €12 per hour.

  1. Nanny Jobs

Average salary package is between €8 – €12 per hour.

  1. Kitchen helper

Kitchen helper jobs in Germany include preparing food, chopping vegetables and dishwashing etc.  Approximate salary package of these jobs ranges between €9 – €13 per hour.

5.     Housekeepers

Approximate salary range for housekeepers is €8 – €12 per hour

6.     Factory Workers

Germany needs Factory Workers in Manufacturing in 2023. Approximate salary range of factory worker is €10 – €14 per hourin Germany.

7.     Warehouse Workers

Warehouse Workers average salary range is €9 – €13 per hour.

8.     Construction Workers

Construction workers can get salary range of €10 – €15per hour.

9. Caregiver

Caregiver average salary range is €9 – €13 per hour.

How to Apply for Germany Unskilled Jobs?

Below is list of popular websites and job portals for searching unskilled jobs in Germany.

  • Indeed,unskilled-jobs-in-germany-jobs.html?vjk=bdd95a22cc37f6dc

  • Monster

  • LinkedIn


Unskilled job opportunities in Germany offer significant benefits to foreigners. So keep trying until you find your desired unskilled job opportunity in Germany.

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