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  • Chatgpt for scientific research paper writing



    How to Use ChatGPT for Scientific Research Paper writing?

    How to Use ChatGPT to Write Scientific Research Paper? ChatGPT is an AI language model that generates text using input provided by the user. ChatGPT can be used as a tool to assist in the writing process for scientific research paper. Writing a scientific research paper requires not only knowledge of the subject but also […] More

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  • Working Sci-Hub Proxy Links

    Working Sci-Hub Proxy Links 2023-24

      Sci-Hub working links 2023-24 Sci-Hub is website having over 64.5 million research articles and journals available for download. Sci-Hub stores research papers in the repository for download.  This repository is called Library Genesis (LibGen)/ library genesis proxy 2023-24. Sci-Hub has been controversial and condemned by many publishers and scientific and academic communities. Sci-hub original […] More

  • Different types of research gaps in literature review

    6 Types of Research Gaps in Literature Review

    6 Types of Research Gaps in the Literature Review Research gaps are untapped/Less explored research areas or research topics having good scope for further research. Different Types of Research Gaps in the Literature Review Research gap can be classified into seven categories (Robinson, et al., (2011), Muller-Bloch, & Kranz (2015), and Miles (2017) 1. Evidence […] More

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  • How to write literature review?

    How to write literature Review?

    How to write a literature review? What is literature review? A literature review is a comprehensive summary of scholarly sources of previous research on a specific topic. The literature review gives an insight into scholarly research articles, book chapters scientific blogs, and other sources relevant to a particular area of research. In short literature review […] More

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    How to design a questionnaire for research?

    How to design a questionnaire for research? In order to understand a good questionnaire design for research let’s first understand what is a questionnaire in research? What are Questionnaires in research? Questionnaires are a set of written questions designed to get standardized information about opinions, experiences, intentions, preferences, and behavior of individuals, and can be […] More

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  • Monkeypox Disease

    MonkeyPox Disease: Symptoms Prevention and treatment

    MonkeyPox Disease: Symptoms Prevention and treatment What is MonkeyPox disease? Monkeypox is a rare viral disease caused by infection with the monkeypox virus. Monkeypox virus belongs to the Orthopoxvirus genus in the family Poxviridae. What are the clinical Features of Monkey Pox? Monkeypox virus shows the following signs and symptoms 1. Fever 2. Headache 3. […] More

  • Qualitative research methods

    Qualitative Research Methods

    Qualitative Research Methods In order to learn qualitative research methods types let’s first understand what qualitative research is. What is Qualitative Research method? Qualitative research is a method that emphasizes obtaining data through an open-ended and conversational communication approach. Importance of Qualitative Research 1. Qualitative research is used to understand concepts and thoughts/experiences. 2. Qualitative […] More

  • How to write synopsis for PhD thesis?

    How to write synopsis for PhD thesis?

    How to write a synopsis for PhD thesis? In order to write PhD synopsis let’s first see what is a synopsis. What is synopsis in literature? A PhD research synopsis is a detailed summary of a proposed research project which justifies the need for your research work. PhD synopsis is a document that is used […] More

  • How to write a research hypothesis?

    How to Write a Hypothesis for Research?

    How to Write a Research Hypothesis? In order to learn how to write a good research hypothesis let’s first understand what is a research hypothesis. What is a Research Hypothesis? Research hypothesis Definition A Research hypothesis is defined as a statement of expectation/prediction to be tested by research. The research hypothesis is a tentative answer […] More

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  • Z library Worlds largest free ebook library online

    Z Library: The World’s Largest Free eBook Library online and scientific article database free

    Z Library: The World’s Largest Free eBook Library online |and scientific article database free What Is Z Library? Z Library (Z lib) is the world’s largest online free eBook library and the world’s largest scientific article database free with a huge collection of Published books, research papers, and scholarly journal articles. As of 28th November […] More

  • How to find Scopus indexed journals?

    How to find Scopus indexed journals?

    How to find Scopus indexed journals? Finding relevant Scopus indexed journals is important for students, researchers and faculty. As Research paper publication plays a pivotal role in their journey. For research article publication you have to select a journal aligned best with your area of research and indexed in key abstract indexing databases. To find […] More

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