How to write literature Review?

How to write literature review?
How to write literature review?

How to write a literature review?
What is literature review?

A literature review is a comprehensive summary of scholarly sources of previous research on a specific topic. The literature review gives an insight into scholarly research articles, book chapters scientific blogs, and other sources relevant to a particular area of research.
In short literature review provides an overview of current knowledge which helps to identify relevant theories, research methods, and gaps in the existing research.

How to write a literature review?
6 steps to writing a literature review?

1. Narrow down your research topic and select research Articles accordingly
1. Consider your specific area of study which interests you and aligns with other research studies in your field.
2. Talk to your advisor/Professor, brainstorm, and read recent articles blogs news and issues of periodicals in the field.
3. Limit your scope to a smaller topic area

2. Search specifically for relevant Literature
1. First step is to define your literature source selection criteria for research articles review articles case studies research reports and scientific news and blogs.
2. Keeping in the view date range, specific geographic zone, specific research methodology, etc. Search relevant databases and make reference lists of recent articles and reviews.

3. Reading and Evaluation of Selected Research Articles
Thoroughly read and evaluate the studies keeping in view the following key points:
1. Finding/Results and conclusions
2. Assumptions of specific study
3. Methodology and testing procedures conducted
4. Experts scientists/labs in the field:
5. Conflicting theories and methodologies
6. Identification of themes
7. Identification of debates and gaps.

4. Organization of strengths/key points of selected papers
After Evaluation of Selected Research Articles organize selected research papers on the basis of strengths/key points as below

1. Research Findings/reports that are common/contested
2. Important consistent trends in the research
3. The most influential theories are depicted by different research reports.
4. Organize and arrange all your research findings into categories.
5. From categories arrange literature topic-wise under headings reflecting the theme and focus pattern of the research study.

5. Develop a Purpose statement for the literature Review
Develop a strong purpose statement by summarizing the conclusion based on major trends and developments conducted in your research subject.

6. Write your literature Review
Now as we are done with all the important steps it’s time to start writing your literature review.
Literature Review should have
1. An introduction,
2. Main body
3. Conclusion

1. Introduction
The introduction should establish the focus and purpose of the literature review.

2. Body
Depending on the length of your literature review divide the body into subsections. As you write, you can follow these tips:
• Give an overview of the main points of each reference source
• Combine points from different sources in a coherent way.
• Additionally add your interpretations and significance of findings with reference to the literature review.
• Mention the strengths and weaknesses of Reference sources

3. Conclusion
Conclude by summarizing the key findings extracted from reference literature and their significance

In this way by following these six steps you can write a comprehensive Literature Review.

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