5 Free of Cost Business Ideas to Earn Money Online

Amid Pandemic world is changing quickly. Few business have been forced to closure and lot of people have lost the jobs. Online jobs are now more in demand and people are more inclined towards different ways of online earnings.Below are few free business ideas for making money online.

1. Freelance Proof Reading

If you are good at catching grammatical or typing, mistakes, you can start as an `editor or proofreader. Different Business companies post proofreading projects on Freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. You can start your money making from here and later can convert into your own business.

2. Powerpoint Presentation

Different businesses hire experts to create their PowerPoint presentations. You should familiarize yourself with different types and formats of presentations and start making money at Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr and other freelancing platforms. Later it can be transformed into business agency.

3. Online Courses

Online courses provide another opportunity for making money. There are several platforms such as udemy, Skillshare where you can teach courses and start making money online.

4.  Selling Photos

If you love photography you can start selling photos online. Different websites like Shutterstock and Fotolia offer individuals to earn money by submitting photos.

5. Writing For Websites

Almost every website requires services of copywriter at some point. Copywriters can create content in multiple categories of business, so if your content writing skill is good you can have some experience of money making at different freelancing platforms which could in long term pave a way for freelance writing business.

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