4 Tips for entrepreneurs by Facebook’s CEO

Mark Zuckerberg an internet entrepreneur who is well known for co-founding and chairing Facebook. Here are few Zuckerberg’s compelling pieces of advice for the entrepreneurial journey.

1. Work on your ideas

Mark encourages people with ideas to start working on them. Along the way of exploration of ideas there comes various learning experiences. If execution is right yourstartup will turn out into big accomplishment.

2. Provide solution to a problem

Mark says that Startups should be based on positive change which person wants to make in the world. Entrepreneurs should have clear picture of problem which they want to tackle and possible options of solution.

3. Explore your options

As an entrepreneur there are different possible ways people work on their startups.
Person should explore maximum strategies to find the best options for emerging startup.

4. Do not be afraid to fail

Entrepreneurs should consider that failure does not rules you out. Its part of this game. It gives you another chance of trying different options and lot of new learning experiences. So keep trying until you achieve your big dream.

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