How to write Abstract for Research Paper

To understand how to write abstract for a research paper? Let’s first learn what is Abstract in research paper?

What is Abstract in research paper?
Research Abstract is concise summary of research paper which reports aims and results of your research and often helps reader to quickly understand purpose of specific research project/study.

How to write Abstract for Research paper?

To write an abstract for the Research paper four key elements should be included in abstract of research paper.
1. Aims and objectives
2. Brief methodology
3. Brief Results
4. Conclusion

1 Aims and objectives
1. Start writing abstract by defining the purpose of research.
2. Address the research question which you aim to answer in a particular research study
3. After identification of the research problem, state research objectives.

2 Methodology
1. Next research methods should be briefly described that were used to answer the research question.
2. Brief description should be in one or two sentences.
3. Research methodology should give insight into overall procedures and approach.

3 Results
1. Summarize results of study/Project represented in research paper.
2. Highlight important findings helpful in understanding your results and outcomes.

1. Clearly State the conclusion of research highlighting the answer to the research question.
2. Research abstract should depict central point which your research has proved or disapproved
3. Specifically In case of practical problems future recommendations for research should be part of

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