How to define Research Objectives?

In order to understand how to define research objectives? Let’s first understand what are research objectives?

What are Research Objectives?
Research Objectives are specific research steps/actions that researcher plans to carry out in a research study to achieve aims.

Importance of Research Objectives
Research objectives define the structure of the research project and give direction to study.
Clearly defined research objectives are an important feature of an impactful research study.

How to define Research Objectives?
Research objectives should be defined by emphasizing on following key points.
1. Research objectives should be specific having a precise and clear depiction of what researcher is going to do in
the research study/Project.
2. Research objectives should be framed in a logical sequence.
3. Research objectives should be realistic in terms of available resources, skills and timeframe and locality.
4. Research objectives should be measurable.
5. Research objectives should be phrased in operational terms.

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