Interview Questions for PhD

Top 14 interview questions for PhD admission


Ph.D Admission Interview Questions

Below are 14 common Ph.D. interview questions and suggestions to answer interview questions for Ph.D.

  1. Introduce yourself

Start by briefly introducing yourself, your academic background general interests, and expertise.

  1. Why do you want to do Ph.D?

Here you should address your motivation and passion for Ph.D. admission, specific purpose, and aims linked with Ph.D admission program

  1. What are your research interests?

Clearly explain your research interests keeping in view your specific goal of Ph.D. admission. Mention your participation in relevant training, workshops, conferences to further strengthen your research interests. Highlight if you have any internship or job experience specific to your research interests.

  1. Why are you interested in this program?

Mention unique features of specific program which might align with your research interests.  Specifically, highlight the work of any professor from faculty and laboratory you wish to work with in Ph.D. program at university.

  1. Can you briefly explain one project of your interest?

Here you should explain the research proposal submitted for graduate school admission application or any other project of your interest.

  1. What experience makes you a good candidate for Ph.D?

Highlight specific qualification, experience, courses skills training/workshops (already mentioned in your CV) which align with research conducted at their institute and give you an edge over other candidates. Emphasize your specific expertise beneficial for their research projects and specific department of Graduate School.

  1. Define teamwork.

Briefly describe your point of view of teamwork and explain how you can play your role to make it effective and efficient.

  1. What are your strengths?

Be honest about your strengths. Pick a strength that’s relevant to the position and might be beneficial for a specific research project or department. Give example of how you have successfully utilized your strength.

  1. If accepted, what will be your biggest challenge here?

Honestly discuss the challenge which you can oversee and explain how you will try to overcome this.

  1. Do you have any weakness?

Tell about your weakness and explain how you have been handling it till now. Better to explain with an example.

  1. Describe your greatest accomplishment.

Briefly explain your accomplishment it can be academic, research-based, socioeconomic project, or any task which consider your greatest achievement.

  1. What are your career plans after graduation?

Describe what you want to achieve in your career and interconnect it with how studying in this department will help you achieve those goals?

  1. What do you do in your spare time?

Discuss your hobbies which you consider positive and productive.

  1. Do you have any questions?

As you are ready to spend a few years of your life at this graduate school so it’s better to ask questions to clear up your mind. Asking appropriate queries to the graduate school admission committee shows your engagement and serious consideration for Ph.D. program.


Remember one thing as you are done with your interview preparation and ready to sit in Ph.D admission interview. Be Confident. It’s time to shine.


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