Motivation letter Sample for university admission

motivation letter sample for university admission

How to Write a Motivation Letter for university admission: Sample Motivation Letter

To write a sample motivation letter for university admission let’s first have a look at what is  motivation letter.

What is a motivation letter?

A motivation letter is a document that depicts your personal motivation enthusiasm professional skills and competence for a specific course of study for university admission.  It is usually submitted to give insight to the admissions staff/selection committee with more information about the applicant as an individual so that the admission committee can decide whether the applicant is an ideal candidate for a research project or not.

How to Write an Effective Motivation Letter for a university?

Structure of a Motivation Letter

A strong motivation letter for university admission applications should include the following:

  • A concise introduction explaining the program details you are applying for,
  • Your academic background and professional  experience,
  • Key skills which  strengthen your application and make you the ideal candidate,
  • Your interest and motivation for applying,
  • Concluding remarks and thanks.


However, writing to the above structure ensures keeping your letter of motivation concise and relevant to the study level you are applying for. Remember, the aim of your motivation letter is to show your enthusiasm and that you’re committed and well-suited for the program.

Sample motivation letter for university admission

Below is an example of  motivation letter  for university admission at McGill University.

My name is XYZ an aspiring biotechnologist and passionate biochemist who started his early education in Libya with an excellent score of 96.5%. As an undergraduate student, I got fascinated by the simple fact that a Sequence of nucleotides can determine our characteristics and certain differences in these sequences make us distinct from each other. This single line was enough to keep me hooked up with my molecular biology and biotechnology courses.

During my undergraduate studies, my curiosity and desire to learn more about molecular biology, genetics, and biotechnology increased significantly and led me to an exciting journey of exploration in this field.  This journey of exploration helped me to conclude that biotechnology is the right passion and field of interest for me.

My interest in biotechnology was spiced up by Recombinant DNA technology, genetic engineering transformation and biopharmaceutical research. Here I came across an interesting research project on Drug resistance in cancer cells from your institution. Further exploration led me to McGill Spin-off Biotechnology Company focusing on the development of diagnostic tests and therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancers.

Thus, I am excited to learn from the researchers and faculty of the biotechnology department and I believe that this program would be a great opportunity for me to challenge my potential and explore different growth avenues in the field of biotechnology.

During my academic journey, I have also received the Concordia undergraduate research award and the Quebec Centre for Advance Materials Undergraduate Student Research Award.

My goal is to gain knowledge and expertise in the field of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. I am very eager to learn and determined on achieving my goal of developing a breakthrough product in the field of biotechnology.

I strongly believe with passion and hard work dreams come true. So by applying to McGill University, I strongly hope to get an opportunity to pursue my passion and dream of becoming a great scientist and researcher in the field of biotechnology.



In this way, you can write your motivation letter for university admission

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