How to get Acceptance Letter from Professors for Scholarship?


Getting Acceptance letter from Professor at Host University is first step toward your scholarship application. Scholarship process might become easy with an acceptance letter from professor.

How to write email to professor for acceptance letter?

Main points to getting Acceptance Letter from Professors:

To get a positive response from professor your email should address following components

  • Brief personal information
  • Academic and Professional background  along with degree details
  • Describe your Research interest
  • Attach CV
  • Attach research proposal


If you don’t get a response in a couple of weeks don’t hesitate to send follow up email to professor.

Key points to consider for writing email to professor for acceptance letter

  • Your Email should be brief and short and should include relevant details to the degree
  • Check for grammatical errors
  • Highlight your research interest. 

Steps to writing an effective Email for Acceptance Letter:

  • Mention subject line of Email
  • Start your email with words like respected Professor or Professor Name
  • Describe purpose of your email.
  • Provide brief details about your previous degree, research interests  and why this scholarship means to you
  • Closing paragraph should include details about how this scholarship will help you during your degree
  • End the letter by paying regards

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