mRNA based vaccine can be solution to Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus which may cause respiratory illness in humans leading to complications and death in severe cases. COVID-19 Pandemic till 19th November 2020 has confirmed 56 million cases and 1.35 million deaths worldwide.

Different Research centers Academic institutes and Pharma giants around the world are working on development of Covid-19 vaccines. COVID-19 vaccine has been waited for for months,

Recently there has been a breakthrough study conducted byThe U.S. pharm Pfizer and its partner. Pfizer has reported mRNA based COVID-19 vaccine that has provided 95% efficacy for final vaccine trial. This is a remarkable milestone. mRNA based strategy is so novel that no medicines made from mRNA have been approved for widespread human use so far.

Pfizer expects to make as many as 50 million vaccine doses this year and plans to distribute the vaccine all over the world.

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