List of Pakistani Journals having Impact factor

Research in science plays an important role in education and economic progress. The innovative work and strategies in research and development can contribute in improvement of excellence of life.Research publications in journals play significant role in exchange of knowledge and reflect the scientific achievements of Scientists researchersand academicians all over the world.

In Pakistan, there are 371 HEC indexed journals in various academic disciplines of science. Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) Web of Science releases global science and social science journals Impact Factor (IF) list yearly.

Impact factor widely used in the academic world as a measure of a journal’s prestige. From Pakistan, Only 10 academic journals have achieved a place in ISI-Web of Science.Below are journal names and their impact factor.

  • Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences 0.754
  • CPSP-Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan 0.426
  • Pakistan Veterinary Journal 1.175
  • International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 0.822
  • Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 0.804
  • Pakistan Journal of Botany 0.800
  • Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences 0.663
  • Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association 0.573
  • International Journal of Pharmacology 0.562
  • Journal of the chemical society of Pakistan 0.300
  • The Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 0.481

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