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The University of Adelaide Free online Courses 2022

The University of Adelaide Australia is ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world. It has a strong reputation in field of research and academic achievements.

The University of Adelaide is offering free online courses in collaboration with Edx. Free online courses offered by the University of Adelaide are available in the English language.Students from all over the world are eligible for this great opportunity. There is no deadline for enrolment.The process of free online course enrollment for the University of Adelaide is very easy. You can register for an edX account at Edx weblink. Secondly after registration, you can create your account and enroll the course.

Below are details of courses

1. Introduction to Project Management

The course will cover the principles of project management and their applications in work and life.
Official course registration is below

2. Big Data Analytics

Course will cover key technologies and techniques, including R and Apache Spark, to analyze large-scale data sets to uncover valuable business information.

The official link for course registration

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

(Entrepreneurial Opportunities)

This is a five-week business course for anyone aspiring to be an entrepreneur. This course covers practical tips and knowledge for the evaluation of entrepreneurial opportunities and resources. It will help in unlocking creativity and innovation to generate entrepreneurial ideas.

This course is strongly recommended for budding entrepreneurs

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