How to Write a Hypothesis for Research?

How to write a research hypothesis?
How to write a Research hypothesis ?

How to Write a Research Hypothesis?
In order to learn how to write a good research hypothesis let’s first understand what is a research hypothesis.

What is a Research Hypothesis?

Research hypothesis Definition
A Research hypothesis is defined as a statement of expectation/prediction to be tested by research. The research hypothesis is a tentative answer to the research question that has not yet been tested.

Importance of Research hypothesis
The research hypothesis is the basic foundation for scientific methods and experiments. Research hypothesis helps to link underlying theory and specific research questions. It provides a basis for the validation and reliability of the research. Good research hypotheses need to build up carefully.

Characteristics of Good Research Hypothesis
1. Research hypothesis should be clear specific precise and focused.
2. Research hypothesis should be empirically testable
3. Research hypothesis is never formulated in the form of a question.
4. Research hypothesis should specify variables between which relationship is to be established in research study
or research project.
5. Research hypothesis should not conflict with any law of nature which is known to be true.
6. Research hypothesis should be stated in most possible simple terms to make it understandable by all concerned.
7. Research hypothesis should be amenable to testing within a reasonable time span.
8. Research hypothesis should not be contradictory

Checklist for Developing a hypothesis
Before writing a research hypothesis, you should have the answer to these questions
1. Is your hypothesis testable?
2. Is your research hypothesis clear specific precise and focused?
3. Does your hypothesis include both dependent and independent variables?
4. Is your research hypothesis shows any conflict with nature or any other thing?
5. What are the possible areas that you might want to explore?

How to write a Hypothesis for Research?
Developing a hypothesis requires five steps
1. Ask a research question
2. Preliminary research work
3. Formulation of hypothesis
4. Refining of hypothesis
5. Phrasing of Research hypothesis

How to formulate Research Hypothesis?
1. Ask a Research Question
Writing a research hypothesis starts with a research question that your study wants to answer. The research question should be clear, specific precise, and searchable.

2. Preliminary research work
Your answer to the research question should reflect what is already known about the topic. Dig in for theories, previous case studies, and research reports to establish educated assumptions and facts about what your research will find. At this stage build up a conceptual framework to identify variables in the hypothesis you will study and the relationship between variables.

3. Formulation of hypothesis
Now at this stage, you do have some idea of what you expect to find in the research study. So write an initial answer to the research question in a clear and concise manner.

4. Refining of Hypothesis
Here you should make sure that your hypothesis is specific, testable, and well defined. The hypothesis should contain relevant variables, focused specific group being studied, and predicted the outcome of the research experiment/research study.

5. Phrase your Hypothesis
Phrase your research hypothesis by defining variables such as independent and dependent variables Independent variables can be controlled, changed, and isolated from other factors of the research study. Whereas dependent variables are dependent on other factors of the research study. They are affected by the change in independent variable of the study

The above steps play an important role in the development of an effective research hypothesis. Validation and results of your research study or experiment rely on a robust testable hypothesis. Developing a strong testable hypothesis allows us to think specifically about the outcomes of a research study. It also helps us to understand the implication of the research question and the different variables involved in the research study. Hence, formulating a research hypothesis would be of great value to the research study.

Good luck with your research hypothesis development. It would be great to listen from your end about How to use hypothesis in research? Feel free to drop your queries.

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