How to write Problem Statement in Research?

How to write Problem Statement in Research?
Let’s first understand problem statement and in the second step we will learn how to write problem statement in research?
What is Problem Statement?
The problem statement is a description of any issue or problem that should be addressed and requires action for improvement and solution. Statement Of problem being a focal point of any research should be brief and concise.
There are various situations in which we might be in need of writing a problem statement.

In the case of research conducted in academia, a problem statement can help you understand the significance of your research problem.

Organizations and Business
Problem statement plays an important role in the improvement and implementation of projects at an organizational and business levels.

How to write a Problem statement in research?
Problem Statement should address three elements.

1 Contextualization of Problem
The problem statement should give some background about the problem and should clearly address queries such as
1 What is the problem and why it requires attention?
2 Where and when does the problem arise?
3 What can happen if the problem is not addressed?
4 Is the problem of current interest?
5 Is the Problem likely to continue in the future?

2 Relevance of Problem
The problem statement should show relevance to the research by emphasizing that problem is researchable and feasible. Following queries should be addressed at this stage.
1 why is it important to specifically solve this problem?
2 Does the problem have wider relevance?
3 How Specific Problem will add value to society?
4 How it will benefit future research?

3 Purpose and aims of problem
The problem statement should frame now that how you intend to address the problem? You should propose effective approaches for tackling the problem. Define the aims of your research problem at this stage keeping in mind the actual, ideal and proposed situation. Aims will give insight into the overall purpose of your research and strengthening of the problem.

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