What is case study in research? How to write case study?

What is Case Study in Research?
A case study is a research method or design used to generate an in-depth understanding of a complex issue of real-life context. It can be the study of any person, phenomenon, group, organization, etc.

Importance of case study in research
Case study in research has been used for understanding, evaluation and comparison of various mportant aspects of specific research problem in different fields and sectors.
Case studies are widely used in educational, clinical, social, and business research. Case studies are often used in academic research and the R&D sector. Case studies keep the project focused and manageable.

A good case study should exhibit below attributes
1. Provision of new insights into the subject.
2. Challenge existing assumptions with the practical course of action.
3. Ultimate opening of avenues for future research.

Case Study Research Example
Below are three case study research examples
1 Case study of new local pathogenic viral strain in the United Kingdom
2. Case study of Samsung’s latest phone marketing.
3. Case study of local institute promoting active learning.

How to write case study?
Successful case study analyses a real-life situation (research question/ Problem) where existing problems need to be solved by suggesting solutions and recommendations
The case study is usually written in 6 steps.

Executive summary of case study
The following key points should be addressed in the summary section.
• Describe the purpose of the case study in a specific field of your research.
• Identify specific theories and assumptions to be used in the case study.
• Briefly outline the issues and findings of your case study.

Findings of case study
This section highlights the Identification and analysis of problems in a case study with reference to relevant theory and concepts further supported and strengthened by factual findings mentioned in the case study.

Discussion of case study
After a brief description of target problems discuss the effective solutions to problems.
Outline each solution evaluate it on basis of pros and cons.

The case study should be concluded by Summing up the main findings with highlights of the pros.

Recommend the best alternative solution to be adopted by brief justification of how it will solve the major problems.

Write down all references used in case study.


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