How to avoid plagiarism: 4 simple steps

How to avoid plagiarism: 4 simple steps
In order to learn how to avoid plagiarism in 4 simple steps let’s first understand what is Plagiarism?

What is plagiarism?
Plagiarism means representing someone else work to your credit. Plagiarized content in academic writing might involve ideas, words/information from any source without proper reference/citation. Sometimes plagiarism involves intentionally stealing someone’s research work, but often it might happen by chance or accidentally due to carelessness.
Here comes the important question how to avoid plagiarism? Let’s see how we do it in 4 simple steps.

How to avoid plagiarism?

Avoiding Plagiarism: 4 simple steps to avoid plagiarism

Following are four important key points to ensure that your thesis write-up or research paper is free from plagiarism.
1. Keeping track of sources
2. Paraphrase
3. Original write up of your own idea
4. Use of plagiarism checker tool to keep track

1. Keeping track of sources and citation
While doing work for your thesis or research paper you should record the source of all provided information. Mostly students commit unintentional plagiarism by forgetting original source and presenting work as their own. It can be avoided by organization of work and compilation of list of citation from research articles, magazines, books and different web sources. After this you can easily do your work by giving proper citation in your thesis and research paper

2. Paraphrase
While writing a thesis or research paper, if you want to add a piece of information from a source, you should paraphrase it means to write in your own words to explain details from the reference source. Paraphrasing needs to be done carefully without alteration in the meaning of the idea itself.

3. Write your own idea and research work
Instead of relying on reference sources explore any unique perspective or point you can contribute in your writing of thesis or research paper. Highlight positive, unique and beneficial aspects of your idea in your thesis and research paper write-up.

4. Use of plagiarism checker to keep track
Plagiarism checker turnitin in academia is being used to detect plagiarism in thesis and research papers. Plagiarism checker turnitin scans your thesis and research paper document in comparison with database of published research articles and web sources and highlights words and phrases that are similar with database. Plagiarism checker helps to identify phrases/text (without citation) and poorly paraphrased content that’s quite close to the original content. So by following above-mentioned steps of addition of citation and good paraphrasing content can be made plagiarism-free.

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