How to select research topic?

The selection of a good research topic is an important skill for students and researchers. Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. students and researchers can use the following guidelines for the development of a good research topic.

Let’s see how to select a research topic in 4 steps.

Step 1 Brainstorming session for ideas
The brainstorming session can be concluded in four steps
1 Look for something which interests and engages you.
2 Avoid any overused idea even if it interests you.
3 Explore at internet if any specific literature, news, research topic or article sparks
a creative burst of thought.
4 List down all possible interesting and thought-provoking research topics.

Step 2 Literature Review and identification of problem statement
1 Select only five topics from the brainstorming session.
2 Read few research papers, case studies and review papers about each research topic.
3 Choose only two topics for which laboratory/ research/field facilities are feasible
at your institute.
4 Discuss all research topics with the supervisor.
5 Choose 1 research topic based on high-impact problem statement.

Step 3 Focus on Research Topic
1 Focus on your Research topic by making it manageable.
2 It should not be too broad or narrow.
3 Write down the title of your Research topic and narrow down by categorization and limitation of factors.
4 If you feel any difficulty in defining the focus of your research topic you should discuss it with your
research supervisor.

Step 4 Research and creation of an outline
At this stage, you should do some in-depth research on the specific aspects of your selected research topic. Based on research create an outline of your research topic.

In this way, you can select your research topic. Good luck.

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